How to Create Bootable USB of Windows 11 & 10 in Mobile for Both GPT & MBR


This topic will show you how to create a Bootable USB of Windows 11 and Windows 10 that Supports Both GPT & MBR systems at the same time, using your mobile without root and for free.

This new method will help you to create bootable USB from ISO that can be used to repair or to install windows 11, windows 10, Linux, Ubuntu or any operating system. In addition to supporting both GPT and MBR, you can add many operating systems to the same USB and then select the desired OS to install later after booting from the USB. Also you will learn on this topic how to download the ISO file of windows 11 from the official Microsoft Website for free.


  • Open the official link of windows 11 download page from this direct link
  • Scroll down to “Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO)” section
  • Select “Windows 11 (multi-edition ISO)” option then click on “Download” button
  • Select your preferred language then click on “Confirm” button
  • You can select any language if you are planning to do a clean windows installation, but if you want to upgrade to windows 11 from the ISO image, you have to select the language that is similar to the default system UI language of old windows in your computer.
  • To know the default system UI language in your computer, open the command prompt or windows terminal as administrator and then execute this command:
    • dism /online /get-intl

  • After selecting the desired language, click on “64-bit Download” button to start downloading windows 11 ISO file
  • If your computer doesn’t support windows 11, download win32ui.dll and CMD.txt files from this link, otherwise, skip downloading both of these files.

Open this link to know if your computer supports windows 11 or not.


  1. Open Google Play Store and search for “Ventoy” app, or open this link in your mobile browser and then open the app in Google Play Store
  2. Press on “Install” button to install the app
  • NOTES:
    • It’s worth noting that this mobile-based USB bootable software is the best available one till now, because it supports both GPT and MBR computers, supports both FAT32 and NTFS disk format, supports creating one USB drive with multiple operating systems installations on a time, not required a rooted device, in addition, the app is available with all functions working for free.
    • There are many similar apps that can be used to create bootable USB of Windows 11 from ISO, such as media creation tool windows 11 or Rufus tool that can be used to create windows 11 bootable USB on mac or on windows 10, windows 8, windows 7 or whatever, but it doesn’t support both GPT and MBR at the same time or multiple OS in one USB, so you have to format the USB pen drive if you want to use the USB in another computer or if you need to boot from the USB with another OS.

  • 3. After installing Ventoy app, open it before connecting the USB flash disk to your mobile
  • 4. Connect the USB pen drive to your mobile and select to allow Ventoy to access it
  • 5. Reject any access request to the USB flash disk from other apps if any.

  • Note:
    • On the main interface of the app, there is an option to create a Bootable USB in GPT or MBR style, but both are working interchangeably in any computer, and I have tested them without problem in two laptops with different disk schemes. However, you have to select a GPT or MBR option based on desk scheme in your computer, especially if you have a GPT or UEFI system.

How to Know the Disk Scheme and BIOS Mode?

To know what is the disk scheme or BIOS Mode in your computer, do the followings:

  • Press Windows logo + R keys from keyboard to open Run tool
  • Type msinfo32 and press Enter to open system information
    • Also you can open it by searching for “Sysinfo” from search box
      • If BIOS mode is UEFI, then the disk scheme is GPT
      • If BIOS mode is Legacy, then the disk scheme is MBR

Also see whether the Secure Boot is set to On or Off so you can enable or disable “Secure Boot Support” option in Ventoy app.

How to know the BIOS mode in windows

How to Create a Bootable USB of Windows 11 Mobile using Ventoy app?

To create a bootable USB of Windows 11 in Ventoy apk app, do the follwoings:

  • 1. Press on “Install” icon to start installing boot and settings files into the USB pen drive1.
    • As you can see, all data on the USB pendrive will be lost after pressing Ok, so take a backup for your files before starting.

The boot files are now installed on the USB as indicated by the version number next to “Ventoy on Device” line.

  • 2. Press on the “Copy” icon
    3. Press on the Plus “+” icon and navigate to which folder you have saved the ISO file of windows 11 and other files
    4. Select the ISO file to copy it into the USB pendrive
  • The copying process may take shorter or longer time based on the writing speed of your USB drive as well as the CPU and memory speed of your mobile.
  • 5. If your computer doesn’t support windows 11, copy CMD.txt and win32ui.dll files into the main directory of the USB card. If your computer supports windows 11, you don’t need to copy these files.
How to use ventoy app to create bootable USB of Windows 11

Also you can copy another operating system such as windows 10 or Linux or any operating system if you want to install one of them or if you want to make dual boot.

Now, the USB is ready to boot any computer from it to install or to troubleshoot boot failure of windows 11, windows 10, Linux, Ubuntu or any operating system.


To boot from the USB, do the followings:

  1. Power off the computer completely if it’s powered on
  2. Connect the USB pen drive to your PC.
  3. Power on the computer again.
  4. Once you see the manufacturer logo, immediately and repeatedly press F12 or another key from keyboard to enter boot options menu.
  5. This is the List of hot keys to enter Boot Menu for different brands including laptops and desktops: –
    • Acer: F12, F9 or Esc.
    • Asus: Esc. or F8
    • Compaq: F9 or Esc.
    • Dell: F12
    • Fujitsu: F12
    • Hp: Esc. or F9
    • Lenovo: F12, F8, F10, Novo Button or Fn+F11
    • MSI: F11
    • Razer Blade: F12
    • Samsung: F12 or F2
    • Sony: Assist Button, Esc or F11
    • Toshiba: F12

NOTE: In some brands, you may need to press and hold the key, while in others like Lenovo laptops, there is a separated key called Novo button to open Novo menu that include BIOS, Boot and System Recovery sub menus, this button is located next to the power button or next to the charger port, and can be pressed directly without pressing power button. So you may need to search google to know which method will work in your model if the mentioned keys not working for you.

6. Move to the USB option and then press Enter to boot from the USB flash drive

Boot Manager Menu to Boot From USB

7. Press any key to continue if you asked to do so.

8. If you have more than one operating system on the USB pen drive, select the desired one and then press Enter

Ventoy OS images menu

9. From windows installation environment menu, select the desired language then press Next.

Select Windows language language

10. After language screen, you can either click on “Repair your Computer” option to open advanced recovery menu, or click on “Install Now” icon to proceed to windows installation.

Windows Preinstallation menu


The followings hints will help you to fix the most possible problems:

  1. First of all, make sure that your mobile supports “USB On The Go (USB OTG)”, which is the ability to connect to the USB pen drive, either by connecting a USB pen drive to it or by searching google for your mobile model.
  2. In some mobiles like One Plus, you have to enable USB OTG manually from system settings
  3. Make sure that the USB is not corrupted by opening it by file explorer app in your mobile or in the computer.
  4. Make sure that the USB port or adapter is not corrupted
  5. Make sure that the USB pendrive is not write-protected by password
  6. Make sure to install the app from Play Store app and not from another store app or website, as the app is available in different editions for different architectures mobiles.
  7. Open Ventoy app before connecting the USB drive to your mobile
  8. Reject any USB access request from other apps, and accept only Ventoy request
  9. If the app failed to recognize the USB file system, format the USB drive using your mobile or computer in NTFS file system and try again.
  10. If the USB recognized by mobile but not recognized by Ventoy app, or if the app failed to install boot and settings files into the USB, clear the app data and force stop the app and then try again as followings:
    1. Press and hold on the app icon and select Info
    2. From Storage option, clear data and cash memory
    3. Back to main menu and force stop the app
  1. If the computer failed to boot from the selected ISO or image file, make sure of the followings:
  2. The ISO or image file was copied successfully into the USB, by comparing the size of copied file with original file.
  3. The ISO file is not corrupted by opening it in the computer or in mobile using RAR app.
  4. The settings of BIOS or UEFI firmware in your computer are set to allow booting from the USB drive.
  5. Open this link for more details about BIOS configuration to boot from the USB.

Finally, we hope you have got the whole idea about creating a bootable USB of windows 11 in android mobile. If you still need a help, add your question in a comment below.


Watch this video to see how to create a bootable USB in mobile that supports both GPT and MBR step by step: