How to Download any Telegram File in Computer Using IDM

download telegram files with idm

In this topic, you will learn how to download any telegram file in windows 10 or windows 11 computer using Internet download manager (IDM).

We have another topic showing how to download and install telegram app into windows 10 computer.


–  Open telegram desktop app or web page and search for:

  • @DirectLinkGeneratorbot
  • @get public link bot
  • #get_public_link_bot

– You may get many other channels with the same name, but you have to choose the one with @DirectLinkGeneratorbot custom link without additional numbers or letters.

– Select the correct channel and click start button.

– Open telegram channel that you need to download files from it.

– Locate the post of desired file and click on Share icon.

– Select the “Direct Link Generator bot” channel from “Share to” list then click send button.

– Back to DirectLinkGeneratorbot channel.

– Right-click the generated link and select Copy Link option, or click on the generated link to open it in default web browser.

– Notice that the IDM will not download the file directly without opening the generated link in a browser, instead it will download it as a web page.

– The IDM will catch the file directly when opening the link in Google Chrome or another browser if the IDM extension is already enabled in the browser.

Also you can transfer the file into google drive then download it from there.

If you are need to download a large file, you will get an additional option to generate a resumable download link.

To generate another download link, click on Start button then click on “Generate new link” option.

If you get a Server issue message, try to open the link in another browser or generate new link to fix that.


For more details about downloading Telegram files in PC using IDM, watch this video: